Normal Newborn Care : Temperature Control

The key to everyday temperature control of the newborn is ensuring warm atmosphere for the baby. All mothers should be explained to keep there baby warm by dressing / wrapping the baby in a dry clean cloth and cover the head, feet, palm with caps, socks,gloves respectively.
The temperature of the baby is monitored by touching the feet of the baby time to time. If the feet is very cold then the baby needs to be covered and kept in skin to skin contact. If still the temperature is not maintained in one hour then she should see a doctor immediately.
Mother should ensure that the room is warm in which the baby is residing; the baby is dressed or wrapped properly ( i.e. one more layer than older children/adults); and the baby is sleeping in the same bed as mother at night.
Details about temperature control are discussed in the heading named ‘Thermal protection in neonates’.

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