Read, Speak, Sing To Your Baby: How Parents Can Promote Literacy From Birth

Babies from the day they are born start learning to read .They learn how to read signals all around them by listening to voices, watching faces and reading body language. They need to hear and reciprocate to sounds, sound patterns and all kind of languages that are being spoken daily. This eventually helps them in reading the printed words.

These are some tips that need to be followed :
Read to your baby. Make it a habit to read out stories to your baby. Very small babies also like picture books to be read out to them. You can talk about pictures also to the baby .
Use rhymes, games and songs. Always try to use rhymes,games and songs with the baby. They respond to them since birth especially when it is done by there parents.
Talk about what’s going on. Keep talking to your baby as to what you are doing even like changing diapers ,bathing ,applying oil. This enhances the vocabulary of the baby.
Babies babble. These are the stepping stones when the baby starts creating sounds. Repeat all these sounds and then turn them into different voices and then the baby instantly connects between the sound,voice and person.
Touching the newborn Always try to connect by touching the baby like tapping and hugging.

• Give rewards to your babies firsts. The approval that baby has done something good is encouraging and exciting for the little one so give a big hug, smile.

• Help child by finding words – Help the child with words and keep repeating it so that the child learns it easily.

• Inculcate the habit of questioning. Keep on asking questions like “What’s that?” and name the picture in a book, it teaches your baby that things have names.

• Sing lullabies. Music makes the language alive so sing to your baby.

• Visit to the public library. Babies are also good readers and library card holders. Many libraries have free programs for parents and babies or young children that use books, rhymes and songs.

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